Hello collectors and welcome to Mister Dollface!

Mister Dollface has been an idea I (and a select group of friends) have been throwing around for a few months. It wasn’t until the (fantastic) Doll Pages site went down that we really saw a need for an alternate site for collectors to congregate, trade and sell their wares. Mister Dollface started originally as a classifieds site, but we hope it to be so much more. In the next few weeks/months our blog will start to bring you news from the world of toy collecting, fashion and pop culture. So check back often, comment on posts and send us feedback. And if anyone would like to be a contributor or wants to be involved in any way, we could use the help. Currently we have over 700 registered users and over 100  amazing sellers!

This site is currently FREE to use. The designer, programmer and site admin have generously donated their time, energy, hard work and their own funds to this site. We will be looking at ways to cover the start-up costs ($500!), like sponsored ads or quarterly donation drives. So please know, we are not here to make money, rather we are here to build a community and enjoy the many unique aspects of the hobbies we all enjoy!


Mister Dollface is very excited to be building a new community of doll and collectible figure enthusiasts from around the world. We are in the beginning stages of setting up this site, but it is our hope that we become your go-to buying, selling and trading network for all collectible needs. Mister Dollface will be moderating posts at first and in order to post new ads, you must become a verified user. As users migrate from the Doll Page Show and Sell site, we will be verifying users and checking email accounts against the previous banned list. Sign-up is easy and secure too. We will not sell your information or put you on any lists.

Unfortunately, sometimes people use sites like this to do bad things. We highly suggest using the feedback feature on our site to give your friends, buyers and sellers accurate feedback. We also suggest being careful with your purchases as this site is not responsible for any issues between you and a seller. If a deal seems too good to be true, or the seller is acting weird, trust your gut. Get second opinions, ask for EBAY feedback and references if needed. We believe most people are honest and here for the love of the hobby, always do your research when dealing with new buyers and sellers. If you have any issues, or questions, feel free to contact the admin of the site.

As word spreads, so shall the listings. So please, like us, friend us, recommend us to your friends and family. We are excited to be part of your new collecting community and are looking forward to the great things you will find on this board.

Site Admin

If you have any questions, concerns, recommendations, let me know, I’m Mister-B, the site admin!