Albacete, Spain

Dear collectors,


I’m selling so many of my complete outfits, partial outfits and spare clothing items (including Fashion Royalty, Nu Face, Poppy Parker, Dynamite Girls and Barbie dolls) . Please see the list of available items and prices below (Shipping price not included) and take a look at my other posts for detailed pictures of some of the outfits.


Outfits sold as seen in the pictures. Please don’t hesitate to email me ( angel_sc_1987@hotmail.com) with any questions or reasonable offers you may have. I’m happy to combine shipping if you buy more than one item.


Shipping Worldwide from Spain at the moment. 





Colette “Perk” outfit: SOLD Felicia

Dasha “Always Polished” outfit: SOLD Manuela

Luchia (Bergdorf Goodman) partial outfit: SOLD Jose

Only Natural: SOLD Manuela

Agnes “Festive Decadence” outfits: SOLD Eraldo

Vanessa “High Tide” outfit: SOLD Kristiina

Mina (Brides of Dracula) boots: SOLD Kristiina

Ayumi “Sunset Rave”: SOLD – Marla

“She comes in Colors” outfit: SOLD – Ramiro

“In the Trenches” outfit: SOLD – Anne-Marie

Adele “Purple factor” outfit: SOLD – Paul

Dania “Red Zinger” partial outfit: SOLD – Andy

Eden “Wild at heart” dress and shoes: SOLD – Andy 

 Adele “Style Counsel” outfit: SOLD – Klein

“True Blues” outfit: SOLD – Klein

Veronique “Breaking the mold”: SOLD – Klein

Eden “Style Mantra” partial outfit: SOLD – Jesús

Eugenia “Spring Forward” outfit: SOLD Karen

Reese “Vintage Vinyl” outfit: 50$ SOLD Clare

Contessa (Brides of Dracula) outfit: 55$ SOLD Anna





Barbie “Hollywood Cast party” gown: 15$

Barbie “Summer in Rome” outfit: 10$

Barbie repro vintage golden dress: 10$


Lucy (Brides of Dracula) outfit: 55$

Agnes “Regal Estate” partial outfit: 45$

Annik “Quiet Storm” outfit: 60$

Dania “Lady in Waiting” (see shoe picture – broken strap): 50$

Erin “Clash Control” dress and coat: 40$

Flash Star outfit ( inspired by Valentino): 70$

Giselle “Mais Oui” outfit: 80$

Imogen “Mission Control” outfit: 35$

Imogen “London Mist” outfit: 55$ 

Itbe “Luscious” dress, belt and shoes: 15$

Jordan “Fire Within” outfit: 65$

Kyori “Deceptively Yours” partial outfit: 15$

Lana Turner “Flight of Fancy” partial outfit: 35$

Monogram “Allure” gown: 80$

Nadja “Hard act to follow” outfit: 60$

Natalia “Behind Velvet Ropes” outfit: 35$

Poppy Parker “Beatnik Blues” outfit: 70$

Poppy Parker “Party on 5th avenue” outfit: 90$

RuPaul outfit: 50$

Vanessa “In Bloom” (strapless) dress: 15$

Vanessa “Luxe Life” outfit: 160$

Vanessa “Monaco Royale” dress and belt: 50$

Vanessa “Shock BonBon” outfit: 40 $

Shoe pack No1 (including red Louboutin shoes (Barbie)): 45$



Thank you!!

Angel aka angelcollector87 (ebay and flickr)

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