1970 Vineland Drive

Up for sale is a beautiful 7″ antique Kestner with sleep eyes, and painted shoes and socks. She is wearing a handkerchief dress, a bonnet, a slip and pantaloons. Her wig appears to be human hair but I am not sure of this.

She comes with a doll presentation box called “Doll on a Swing”. The unfinished box was made by Jean Nordquist. I stained the box, selected the papers and lace that are on the inside and outside of the box, and chose the accessories that have been placed on the inside of the box. The front of the box folds down to reveal the accessories (including some vintage and paper items, and artificial flowers). The doll sits on a swing in the back part of the box. The hinge that holds the top and bottom is a thin leather so the box must be held carefully from underneath. The box displays beautifully. The presentation box is a bit challenging to describe so please let me know if you have questions.
Note: The box is not warped on the site..the lace is a bit crooked. Don’t be afraid to make an offer.

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