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Custom blythe tbl nº46 savannah is my last job.

Savannah arrives from a future where machines have taken hold of humans to warn us that in the not too distant future they will take command ^^ savannah is a humanoid / cyborg named steampunk # 46 unique in its kind it contributes a subliminal intelligence capable of anticipate anything before it happens, she weighed her angelic face … it can disintegrate and with just a look of her eyes transform you into particles … with it always goes your paralyzing gun that helps you to know if it should or should not end with you … ^^ has crossed deserts and her lips lie burned by the sun, nevertheless it is very strong and although it passes days and nights walking in the sun of the desert never surrenders, savannah now arrival of the frightening future looks for someone who adopts it and take care as she deserves, eye do not disintegrate …

Process accomplished.

Disassembled wrist.
Removed with sandpaper.
Carving mouth, nose, philtrum.
Make-up process medium body “iron” type robotic, with special makeup, several layers, in addition to small implants head and hip (small balls type iron).
Makeup with good quality material: water-based pencils, non-oily pastels and acrylic paints.
Mateada and sealed with MSC spray.
Added parts steampunks several by face, neck and left leg that does not impede movement.
Hairdressing process.
Realistic chips 3, some steampunk pieces.
Blogged Eyes.
Sleepy eyes, gaze correction.
Added new tabs.
Makeup eyelids same material.
New Pull Ring.
Backplate signed.
Hat painted the same material as half body and half face, added by steampunks and robotic insects.
Realization own of steampunk retro pistol.

I would travel with the clothes of the photos (made by my friend marys) and shoes, in addition it carries another belt with chain.
He wears a hat, glasses steampunk and pistol created by me, also carries 2 hands of change of the “steampunk” part of the body.
Travel in a well-protected box.

470 $ + shipping, contact me.

It is sent by registered mail within 2/3 days after receiving the payment,
I am not responsible for losses or customs processes.
No refunds.

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