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Meet fantastic Ooak Blythe Candy Bean by artist ChassyCat. Now she is looking for a new home!!!


Candy Bean’s original doll is a Lady Camellia Blythe (RBL+) that is released in 2016.

she has:

– sand-matted

– nose, lips, and philtrum carving

– full face up with quality artists pastels (Rembrant, Pan Pastels) and water color pencils

– sealed with several layers of MSC UV cut

– 1 pair custom hand-painted eyelids

– new eyelashes

– gaze corrected 

– boggled

– sleep eyes

– new handmade pull strings with charms

– hair washed, cut, conditioned

– back plate signed and numbered

– on Pure Neemo S

More info about Candy Bean please go to http://www.ebay.com/itm/Custom-Ooak-Neo-Blythe-Doll-Candy-Bean-/292051589307?hash=item43ffa198bb:g:LXYAAOSw4A5Ywz8V#shpCntId



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