Up for grabs FR 16″ Elsa Linn Incognito head plus and AG It body from Androginy, same skintone.

Eyelashes fair condition, you can see from pics, flaw on tip of nose probably caused during shipping, already got in that shape got scratched due to box top.

AG Androginy body is played but good codition, missing hands and feet, long gone please don’t ask

Ideal for fashion doll artist for making costumes or repaints.

I ship from Italy europe and prices are in euro currency.

I take paypal but i need references.

I’m a longtime DoA member since 2009 and have great feedback there as seller.

I ship via private courier of if you prefer standard airmail letter but just in location where tracking is available.

Feel free to ask questions i can provide extra pics, take also a look to my other listings!

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