Pricelist of all outfits I have for sale

all are complete and brand new,never used

Will be adding more from time to time, please check  

if you need photos let me know

all prices are in € 

fashion royalty’s outfits

defiant rayna  65

ruffles & blooms Eugenia 55

first blush ayumi   SOLD

Idol  worship kyori   59

fashion force imogen   65

black tie ball Vanessa   55

aristocratic agnes   55

kiss you in paris melle Jolie   55 (dress+belt+jewelry+shoes)

inner spark Natalia   SOLD

grandiose Natalia   SOLD

prestige Natalia   50

AKA gigi giselle   70

total Betty Ayumi   70

time & again adele 59

erin in rouges 69

agent 355 anja 65

majesty giselle 69

nightshade kyori  65

electric enthousiasm dominique 65

riviera drama agnes  59

trouble eden    110


to reduce shipping cost,sent without box,if you need the box ask a quote for shipping

male outfits:

hypnotize   55

stars in your eyes   50

natural talent   50

debonair   55

blue suede shoes   50

wild one   60

strike it up   55

whatta man   55

too sexy   SOLD

come as you are 55

female outfits:

give it up   75

shanghai bound   43

passion   40

dark Victory   43

rebel desire   43

mine all mine  45

crazy sexy cool   55

all that she wants   80

pure love   80

I have 100% positive feedbacks on ebay

email contact:  vincent.teneul@sfr.fr

I ship to EU USA and Canada (other countries contact me)

shipping :

France 4€

EU  10€

USA & Canada  12€

I do combine shipping

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