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Hi, i`m selling tons of IT dolls Including FR, Poppy, Dynamite girls, Color infusion and Victoire dolls. Please e-mail me at for shipping price and specific picture. I accept personal paypal payment only. Ship worldwide, pet and smoke free homme. Here is the list i have, nrfb otherwise nothed (possible trade, see wants list at end):


-Amelie re-edition Tokyo 340$

-Misaki 10th ann. Tokyo 289$

-Misaki Pretty Sweet MIB 145$

-ITBE Amelie Jolt 69$

-Penelope Chase 169$

-Sebastien Havoc/Lex Lawrence Brother in arms 139$

-Agent Kimiko Gunn/Tina Tanaka 139$

-Code Name: Arm Candy Chip Farnsworth III 139$

-Sebina Havoc 219$

-Spy-a-go-go 189$

-Darla Peace love soul 99$

-Hot Shot Nigel North 129$

-Midas touch 385$

-The camera loves her 130$

-Dark moon 245$

Dynamite girls:

-Handsome devil damon 99$

-Dead in her tracks Dani 89$

-London Calling Dani 79$

-London Calling Holland 89$

London Calling Kyu 129$

-Love revolution Take it easy Cruz 189$

-Love revolution Own the moment Aria 159$

Victoire Roux/Monogram:

-ITBE Monogram Breath taking 75$

-Monte carlo 159$

-La grande seduction 159$

-Simonetta la ville lumiere head mint 20$

Nu.Face/Nu.fantasy/The industry:

-ITBE Ayumi Oomph 115$

-Nuface lilith and eden lead singles 750$

-Be daring imogen 145$

-fashion force imogen 150$

-Evening blossom dominique 180$

-High end envy Erin 219$

-Lady Stardust tulabelle 145$

-Up all night Lilith 375$

-Tantalizing Dominique 159$

-X2 Beast Pizzazz face mold, FR2 body 149$ 


-Pewter Natalia loose complete and mint, missing original shoes which are now replaced by salmon pink heel 575$

-Bewitching Hour Luchia, loose complete and perfect. 245$

-Spring Forward Eugenia dressed in partial Winning Ensemble 215$

-Overachiever Eugenia loose redressed, perfect with story card, coa and stand 225$

-Grandiose Natalia loose perfect wearring Illustrious complete fashion. Stand + COA 130$

-Cold shoulder eugenia mib with brown shipper 230$

-Elusive creature Natalia mib with shipper 199$

-Full Spectrum Veronique 145$

-Nightshade Kyori 160$

-Faded Desert Kyori 175$

-Vivid Encounter 165$

-Adorned Vanessa 189$

-Heat seeker Natalia loose complete, wearing black outfit version instead of white 139$

-Natalia Private Goddess MIB no shipper 219$

-Anja as agent 355 180$

-Grandiose Natalia NRFB 149$

-Black-tie Ball vanessa NRFB 149$

-Edge Vanessa NRFB 189$

-As Dusk Falls Eugenia NRFB 159$

-Kyori Fame fable 175$

-Polished Korrine 109$

-Ambitious Kesenia 139$

-Aristocratic Agnes 176$

-Eugenia world on a string NRFB 189$

Color Infusion:

-Workshop Time Served Homme doll 150$

-Perfect pose tilda brisby in CI Fashion experiment #2 loose complete mint 115$

-Perfect pose alysa 75$

-perfect pose Homme Ace Mcfly 189$

-Perfect pose solid gold 45$

-Perfect pose the hustle 68$

-Perfect pose jungle boggie 45$

-Perfect pose Bad girls 69$

-x2 Perfect pose Ladie’s night 39$

-x2 Perfect Pose Night Fever 39$

-Homme perfect pose what`s going on 75$

-Homme perfect pose Sugar pie guy 75$

-Homme perfect pose Superfly 75$

-Homme Perfect pose macho man 75$

-Homme Perfect Pose Disco Nights 75$

-Homme Perfect pose Boggie shoes 75$

-Cinematic Fabiana Diaz 59$

-Cinematic Jaeme Costas Loose mint 75$

-Cinematic Mine all mine outfit 39$

-Fan Xi Crushin’ it 99$

-Best thing ever Dree hill 99$

-Problem Child Jaeme costas 99$ 

-Saturday night fever gift set 159$

I also have more, just ask!

Looking for:

-Elise Jolie Montaigne market OUTFIT including shoes, jacket and dress. I don’t care about the doll and the rest, just interested in those 3 items.

-Holywood Jem by IT MIB or Loose mint complete.

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  • I will have Never ordinary Lilith/Eden gift set, nrfb.

    I can sell them or exchange them for the following:

    1. Agnes Poesie Enchantee
    2. Agnes High Gloss
    3. Elise Blue Blood
    4. Vanessa Luxe Life

    So, please let me know 😀



  • Hi- do you have “Edge of NIght” “Nightshade outfit? (like a faux black leather jacket)

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