New custom nº33, model # 5 of icy doll, Lesli shut up in the hands of umbrella corporation virus … she like the others were absorbed and converted into something but that death … living dead …

Process accomplished.

Disassembled wrist.
Removed with sandpaper.
Carving mouth, nose, philtrum.
Makeup with good quality material: water-based pencils, non-oily pastels and acrylic paints.
Zombie makeup process.
Mateada and sealed with MSC spray.
Hairdressing process.
Change of 4 realistic eye chips.
Sanding of chips to enter (the icy ones are smaller than those of blyhe).
Blogged Eyes.
Sleepy eyes, gaze correction.
Added new tabs.
Makeup eyelids same material.
New Pull Ring.
Backplate signed.

I would travel as shown in the photos ..
Travel in a well-protected box.

It is sent by registered mail within 2/3 days after payment has been received,

$ 160 + shipping, contact me.

I am not responsible for losses or customs processes.
No refunds.

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