For sale is my new iplehouse FID man Bichun (glow peach gold, mobility body type, make-up type B), value of the doll EUR 428 or USD 503 plus extra eyes, wig & 2 pants.

Price for the whole set: EUR 495 or USD 580 plus shipping. The original total value of all is EUR 528 or USD 622. I’m living in Germany.

 1. 4 different pairs of eyes: brown glas eyes (EUR 13/ USD 15), green glas eyes (EUR 13/ USD 15), grey-green glas eyes (EUR 13/ USD 15) & green plastic eyes from iplehouse.

2. iplehouse wig (SSS065 color black EUR 20/ USD 24).

3. 2 original iplehouse pants (Double Black set pants & Navy Oil Jean pants, each EUR 20/ USD 24,50).

4. iplehouse FID man hand ring (EUR 1/ USD 1)

The beany hat, cuffs, check & white shirt & shoes from he-meife Peter Pevensie (eBay) are not included!

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