Set of handmade jewelry for dolls 12″ Fashion Royalty, Color Infusion, Poppy ParkerBarbie, Barbie Silkstone,MonogramsNu Face, Dynamte Gerl, Momoko, BJD and other

The set consists of a necklace, earrings and ring. 

There are two options: “Catherine’s Choice” (red-gold) and “Spring” (white-greenpurple)On request can be manufactured in other colors.

!!! Please specify selected option.!!!

!!!!! Also please note that the price is for one set jewelry. !!!!!

Send around the world. The cost of shipping one set costume jewellery $5.5 each additional set +$0,5.

On the website I registered recently, so no reviews yet. Write on e-mail and I’ll give a link.

Contact me for more information (e-mail:

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