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Gdynia, Poland

This beautiful bed is designed for 16″ dolls. All elements are perfectly fitted to create this warm, yet raw design. The suspended lights are made of brass, which is one of the top materials used not only in high-end residential, but also retail and hospitality projects.

This item is handmade with laser cut white plexiglass, brass and wooden elements. It consists of a bed frame and fixed mattress with a headboard, which is a seperate piece. There are 2 grey pillows and 2 white pillows included along with a grey duvet. You can turn the lamps on by using the button situated on the left side of the headboard. There is space for two AA batteries at the bottom of the headboard.


  • height – 44cm (around 17 inches)
  • width – 73cm (around 29 inches)
  • depth – 55,5cm (around 22 inches)

Please send me a message me if you would like to pre-order this wonderful piece of furniture. I ship worldwide with Priority and tracking nr and accept PayPal. For more information, please visit:

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