Complete pricelist for all the outfits I have for sale, ONLY outfits…
All outfits are in mint condition and complete, unless otherwise specified.

Everything has been photographed, so let me know if you wish to see photos 🙂

Outfits at 90$ + shipping:
-Ombres Poétique Mademoiselle Jolie Luchia (Complete & Mint with lingerie and everyting)                                                                   -Key Pieces Elise Jolie Outfit (Complete & Mint with lingerie and everything)

Outfits at 80$ each + shipping:                                               
-Nocturnal Glow Veronique (Complete & Mint)
-Inner Spark Natalia (Complete & Mint)
-As Dusk Falls Eugenia (Complete & Mint)
-Defiant Rayna (Complete & Mint)
-Long Cool Woman Kesenia (Complete & Mint)
-On The Rise Elise Jolie (Complete & Mint)
-Ooh La La Poppy Parker (Complete & Mint)
-Rare Appearance Dania (Complete & Mint)
-High Visibility Agnes (Complete & Mint)
-In The Trenches Fashion Set (Complete & Mint)
-City Prowl Eugenia (Complete & Mint)
-Faded Desert Kyori (Complete & Mint)
-Star Power Vanessa (Complete & Mint)
-Sheer Bliss Fashion Set (Complete & Mint)
-Teen Dream Poppy Parker (Complete & Mint)
-The Romance Grace Kelly Barbie ( 2 Mint outfits, but NO shoes, flowers or sunglasses)
-Mood Changers Poppy Parker (Complete & Mint, all 3 outfits)
-Nightfall Agnes (Complete & Mint)

Outfits at 70$ each + shipping:
-Perfect Reign Tatyana (Complete & Mint)
-Be Daring Imogen (Complete & Mint)
-Daytime Impact Dasha (Complete & Mint)
-Escapism Elise Jolie (Mint, but missing two bracelets and the ring)
-Energetic Presence Giselle (Complete & Mint)
-Gloss Convention 2014 Colette Welcome Doll (Complete & Mint)
-Prestige Natalia (Complete & Mint)
-Sweet Confection Poppy Parker (Complete & Mint)
-Day Tripper Poppy Parker (Complete & Mint)
-High Brow Adele (Complete & Mint)
-Fashion Explorer Vanessa (Mint, but one bracelet missing)
-Evening Blossom Dominique (Complete & Mint)
-Powerhouse Ayumi (Complete & Mint)
-Polarity Nadja (Complete & Mint)
-Style Note Isha (Complete & Mint)
-Nostalgia Dania (Complete & Mint)
-Ambitious Kesenia (Complete & Mint)
-Regal Estate Agnes ( Mint, but NO shoes)
-Fame By Frame Imogen (Mint, but NO black dress)
-Pure Erin (Complete & Mint) 
-Shirred Not Shaken Vanessa (Complete & Mint)
-Purity Dasha (Complete & Mint, the part around the shoulders has been removed, but can be sewn back on)
-Captivating Anja (Complete & Mint, the bow has been removed, but can be sewn back on)
-Love The One Kyori (Complete & Mint)

Outfits at 60$ each + shipping:
-Own The Moment Aria (Complete & Mint)
-Tonights The Night Poppy Parker (Complete, but there are some small stains on the INSIDE of the jacket)
-Star In The Making Poppy Parker (Mint, but NO Jewelry)
-To The Fair Poppy Parker (Complete & Mint)
-True Blue Fashion Set (Mint, but no coat)
-Sunshine Games Poppy Parker (Complete & Mint)
-Wedding Belle Poppy Parker (Mint, but NO earrings)

Outfits at 50$ each + shipping:
-Spring Forward Eugenia (No sunglasses and small stains on blouse)
-Funny Face Poppy Parker (Mint white dress with blue cape and gloves)
-Shantommo Black Lace Pantsuit with Cape (Mint – for FR2)
-Aquatalis Amethyst Bloom Dress (Mint – for FR2)
-Aquatalis Amethyst Bloom Pantsuit (Mint – for FR2)
-Divas Night Gold Pantsuit with Cape by Hoang Anh Khoi (Mint – for FR2)

Please contact me for shipping prices 🙂

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  • This is very disrespectful what are you doing .
    Each time I contact you for purchase Item from you , you never answer , then remove Item from selling list. Are you here to sell OR ?

    • I am sorry, but I have never gotten a message from you and I haven’t seen this comment until today.
      I answer all messages I get from buyers, which is why some of the items sell. But if I had gotten a message from you, I would have answered you!
      Why I haven’t gotten your messages, I don’t know, there are none in my spam folders either.
      Please try again or tell me here what outfits you are interested in.

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