Latest Classifieds in BJD (Ball Jointed Dolls)

Sold Sybarite superdoll Hackney Nude

Europe $295.00

Sybarite Superdoll Hackney nude NEW in original box with 4 extra pair of hands and a dollstand  275 euro plus

Beautiful Resin Bambola Doll by Jung Hee Park, No. 19

USA $300.00

Up for sale is the limited edition resin Bambola doll made by Jung Hee Park. Bambola comes in a presentation

Silk Scarf for Fashion Dolls

USA $50.00

Beautiful artisan scarf for your fashion dolls.Featuring vintage Outsider Art digitally printed on pure silk crepe de chine with silk

Jem’s Phoebe Rapture Ash NRFB The Stingers 2012

USA $90.00

Jem and the Stingers Phoebe Rapture Ash NRFB 2012, no shipper but will double box. $90 + shipping PayPal –


Europe $150.00

Armchair & table realized in perfect scale, woodden structure with particular twice color and red seat All the work is


Europe $160.00

Sofa with wooden structure worked by scroll saw, after black painted, solid legs manufactured iron, two removable soft pillow in yellow damask fabric, soft

Wig only size 7 fits Ellowyne/ DISPLAYED

USA $8.00

Wig only size 7, not sure of maker. Wig has been displayed. The hair texture is a bit rough. $8

BJD Boy Body 25cm NEW Low Price

USA $90.00

This BJD is 25cm tall (1/6 bjd) and is a boy body. I received the doll from the seller with

The Gypsy Scavenger Boho Waist Wraps

USA $25.00

Living off the grid where cash is king, a gypsy will scavenge to fulfill her creative impulses. Suzette DuBois has

Namu: Soom BJD / normal skin / SD size / NUDE

USA $460.00

Full nude Namu (SD-size) doll by Soom, Normal Skin.  I am his second owner; I got him in autumn 2006.

Kikipop Nude Doll

Asia $130.00

Kikipop Nude Doll $130 There were some problems on her. 1.the head loose 2.the eyes clips not clean(shown as photos)

Shirt made to fit Ellowyne/ DISPLAYED

USA $5.00

Shirt only made to fit Ellowyne. Briefly displayed. $5 + shipping to US addresses only. If interested, please email me at

Princess Mood Ellowyne & Accessories

USA $89.00

FS – Ellowyne Princess Mood Gown & Accessories $89.00 & $7.50 shipping. Outfit  includes a beautiful ice blue gown, silver

BJD SD Sized Heag Mask and Head Gear by Tree Design

USA $16.00

This ad is for a heag mask and head gear by Tree Design to fit SD sized dolls. Please check

BJD SD16 Sized Tree Design Black Stockings and Garter Belts

USA $13.00

This ad is for these black stockings and garter belts by Tree Design to fit SD16 sized dolls. Please check

BJD SD-SD16 Sized Tree Design Black Tuxedo Thong Panty

USA $9.00

This ad is for a black thong panty by Tree Design to fit SD13 sized dolls. Please check their website

BJD SD13 Sized Tree Design White Panty, Stockings, and Garter Belts

USA $19.00

This ad is for stockings, panty, and garter belts by Tree Design to fit SD13 sized dolls. Please check their


USA $1,000,000.00

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SOLD Iplehouse SID Woman Eva in Real Skin

USA $650.00

Genuine Iplehouse SID Woman in Real Skin, Eva head sculpt on large bust body with general thigh.  Overall good, used

Evangeline Ghastly / Timeless Evangeline / NUDE Doll

USA $200.00

For Sale: Nude and bald Timeless Evangeline hard to find doll. Lightly used as a display doll, she has a

A Walk Through Frogmore Boots

USA $30.00

Hot pink boots fit resin and new body Evangeline Ghastly.  Will also work for Ellowyne Wilde

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