Posted at November 24, 2015

Barbie Articulated Silkstone Dolls

They are finally here! Barbie Collector magazine just announced that starting in 2016, all Barbie Fashion Model Collection Silkstone dolls will have 7-points of articulation!

You can see a sneak preview of the two of the new dolls and they look pretty great! I’m loving the sleek, modern look and the books and purse look fantastic. I have pretty high hopes for these dolls and it looks like the price points have dropped too. A few retailers are listing the prices for the first three dolls in 2016 at $59.99, $79.99 and $105.99.

Barbe Silkstone 2016

Barbe Silkstone 2016

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  • $abbatha Feb 04TH, 2016

    ..this is too good to be true! I loved so much Silkstone barbie, but i sold all i got, included the very first edition brunette with the wrong label Geninue, i would love to get one and make a test!

  • Brenda Russell Dec 18TH, 2015

    So excited!! I hope they have bodies so that you can use your existing Silkstone heads!!!!!

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