Posted at September 25, 2015

Cinematic Convention Collection Preview

For the first time in the company’s history, Integrity Toys has released a special convention doll available to all members of the W Club. The reveal this week shows us a preview of what is sure to be a stunning convention collection!

Reigning Grace Eugenia channels Grace Kelly in a stunning black dress inspired by one worn in Rear Window. The dress is exquisite and designer Jessy Ayala had done a stellar job translating the glamour of the vintage pleated ensemble.

The other convention dolls have yet to be seen, but they will all be based on vintage or contemporary Hollywood fashions. Perhaps the names will give some hints, they are:

Sparkle Poppy Paker ™
Beautiful People Chip Farnsworth III ™
Perfectly Suited Giselle Diefendorf ™
In Rouges Erin Salston™
Inner Spark Natalia Fatale™
Star Power Vanessa Perrin™
Feminine Perspective Agnes Von Weiss™

Check out the promo photos of Reigning Grace:


Item # 91385
Reigning Grace
Eugenia Perrin Frost™ Dressed Doll
The Fashion Royalty® Collection / 2015 Cinematic Convention Upgrade
Release Date: October 2015

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  • kriss Oct 23RD, 2015

    Hello, bonsoir! I look the dolls of this 2015 convention and don’t understand why they are so expensive on Ebay… there is no Jason Wu fits, and except Feminine Perspective Agnes Von Weiss™ and Giselle, all dolls are vulgar… Best. Azurdor

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