Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with Mister Dollface’s frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) and requirements for listing and formatting ads.

Formatting Ads

Site consistency is paramount for search engine optimization and Mister Dollface’s administrators would love it if we could all follow a similar formatting structure for our listings. The best way is to list like this:

Name of Doll: Doll Theme or Title / Detail / Type of item / CONDITION (in all caps)

Please note the spaces before and after the forward slashes! For example: Eugenia Perrin: Cold Shoulder / Gloss Convention / Doll / NRFB

or if you were just selling the fashion from this doll: Eugenia Perrin: Cold Shoulder / Gloss Convention / DRESS ONLY

The colon after the name and the forward slashes (with one space on either side) help the buyer read the information quickly and easily. By formatting in this way, people connect with their character name first, then the details. Putting the condition in all caps also helps people see truly what it is and prevents confusion. Here is a list of common terms for us to use:

FASHION / DRESS / OUTFIT ONLY – The clothes of a particular doll.
MINT – Pristine Collectible Condition
MIB – A collectible Mint In Box,
NRFB – A doll that has Never Removed From Box
NUDE – Doll with no clothes.
SHOES ONLY – The shoes from a particular doll.
WIG – Wig hairstyle.


The category section allows you NOT to have to put some information in the title or body of your listing. So no need to put “Fashion Royalty” in all ads. This also allows buyers the option to sort by category on the right hand side of the site!

And the best news is you can add a listing to multiple categories, so if you are selling a Poppy Parker fashion, you can list in the Cateories: Poppy Parker and Fashions + Accessories if you would like.

Listing Body

The body of your ad should be as detailed as possible. I know everyone has their own writing style, but it would be fantastic if everyone put in a short title, detailed description, payment, and shipping info. So far, most of the ads have been great, We’ll get over the fact that no one uses periods or commas anymore. Make sure to put what payment you take and other important details about the condition of your item.


Photos are important to show exactly what you are selling. I’ll reiterate, that all toy companies, especially Integrity Toys and Mattel hold the copyrights to all of their professional images and they strictly enforce not using their photos for resale. If Mister Dollface is contacted by any company to take your photo down, we will remove the photo upon request.

Unfortunately, the image interface doesn’t allow for much editing once you’ve submitted a photo. We recommend having an image for the front listing that is a close-up crop of what you are selling, then a few shots of the full item and or packaging. The system crops automatically the center of the photo, so having a close-up face shot is helpful on the front end.


Mister Dollface is a US site, so the default price will be in US Dollars. If you would like to ship worldwide and take different currencies, please format your the body of your ad like this: $50 USD /  $65 CAD / $70 EU.


Here is an example of a great listing:

TITLE: Eugenia Perrin: Cold Shoulder / Gloss Convetion / Doll / NRFB

BODY:  FOR SALE: Eugenia Perrin “Cold Shoulder” from the 2014 Gloss Convention. The doll comes NRFB and is in great condition. Non-Smoking, Pet-Free Home. Adult Collector.  $250 USD / $300 EU plus Shipping Costs

Please contact me for Paypal account. Will ship worldwide. You cover shipping costs.


MisterDollface is a free site, so anyone can contact a seller to purchase an item. Currently, the only feedback that can be tracked is for Registered Sellers with current listings. On the right hand side of the page, you will see a Seller Info Box. As mentioned before, only sellers can receive feedback for their listings and it is important that sellers keep their ads up until feedback has been added by the buyer.

Feedback scores are only reflected if the ad stays current. (See SOLD + HOLDS below) So make sure to NOT delete the ad once an item is sold. The site will archive the ad after 90 days, which will keep the sellers feedback in tact. Deleting the ad deletes the feedback associated with the ad.

Feedback for buyers can be left on our special FEEDBACK page. Check the feedback page often as we will also post any verified issues with potentially poor buyers and/or scams and spam on this page as well. 

Solds + Holds

Once you receive an offer from a buyer, please don’t delete the ad right away. We’d like to keep some ads up for a while and you can edit your add to say HOLD or SOLD. We suggest putting HOLD and SOLD in all caps at the beginning of the ad, putting it in the body of your ad and editing the price of your item to be $0.00.


SOLD: Eugenia Perrin: Cold Shoulder / Gloss Convention / Doll / NRFB

Site Admin

If you have any questions, please email the admin and we will help you with any listings.