Posted at March 25, 2015

Feedback List

FeedbackThere are two ways to leave feedback for sellers on the site. First, leave feedback by clicking the seller’s icon on the ad and leave feedback on the post. The feedback should stay with the seller as long as the ad remains archived on the site.

The second is to leave a comment on this page for all to see. Please format the comment like this:

Seller or Buyer: User Name
Item: Description of item
Comment: Quick comment about the transaction.

Here is an example:

Seller: Mister-B
Item: Poppy Parker: Wild Thing / Gloss Convention / MIB
Comment: Mister-B was extremely friendly and fast. Thanks for the great item.

This will be a permanent area for feedback comments and can easily be searched by doing a search on the page. Macs = Command-F / PC = Control (right-click) F. Due to the amount of feedback left, the most recent fifty comments will display. You can search the site or previous feedback by clicking the “older comments” link near the bottom of the page.

I take feedback very seriously, so if you have any questions, concerns or info about potential scams, email me directly.

343 Comments on this Article

  • Vickie Sep 07TH, 2017

    Buyer: Sue Bardsley
    Item: Purple Factor Adele mint complete fashion
    Great international buyer. Fast payment. Thank you! Enjoy!!!

  • Vickie Sep 07TH, 2017

    Buyer: Joseph Diano
    Item: Irresistable Dania Mint, Displayed
    Great buyer, perfect transaction. Highly recommend. Thank you!

  • Vickie Sep 07TH, 2017

    Buyer: Kelvin S
    Item: Rare Appearance Dania NRFB
    Great communication. Great transaction.

  • Psylocke Aug 14TH, 2017

    Buyer: Janire Mena
    Items: Kyori head and nude Dania
    The buyer is fantastic, great communication, fast payment, highly recommended!

  • Vickie Aug 07TH, 2017

    Buyer: Joseph Diano
    Item: Irresistable Dania mint, complete displayed
    Great transaction, excellent communication. Highly recommend!!! A+

  • Vickie Aug 07TH, 2017

    Buyer: Joseph Diano
    Item: Dania Irrestible mint, complete, displayed.
    Great transaction, excellent communication. Highly recommend! Thanks for your purchase.

  • Vickie Jul 23RD, 2017

    Buyer: Ruth Kehler
    Item: Nostalgia Dania mint, complete displayed doll
    Great repeat buyer. Prompt payment and excellent communication. Highly recommend. Thanks again!

  • Vickie Jul 23RD, 2017

    Buyer: Valerie Harrington
    Item: Dark Narcissus mint, complete fashion
    Valerie is a great repeat buyer. Payment is always prompt and excellent communication. Wish all buyers could be as great as Valerie! Thank you!!!

  • Diane P Kinzner Jun 07TH, 2017

    Seller: Tatiana W
    Item: Lash Out Poppy & Erin Gloss Convention Outfit
    Super Smooth Transaction. Great Communication. Hope to purchase from again 🙂 Items were packaged well and in Pristine condition. Thanks so much 🙂

  • Seller: Tatiana W.
    Item: Elyse: Starlet / 2015 Cinematic Convention exclusive/ NRFB
    Comment: Really good seller. Very good communication and transaction.
    Thanks to you, Elyse arrived in a flash time.
    She is such beautiful and in a condition of extremely good conservation.
    What happiness. Certainly see you soon!
    With all my sympathy.

  • Kari Stackhouse May 23RD, 2017

    Buyer: Tatiana
    Item: FR swimsuit / lingerie lot
    Just had a wonderful transaction with Tatiana. Flawless from beginning to end. Highly recommend this buyer+++ Thanks so much.

  • Sarah May 11TH, 2017

    Seller: Vicky
    Item: Adele Makeda 2015 Cinematic Convention Centerpiece
    Comment: Vicky is great, fast communication and shipping, thanks again 🙂

  • Vera Altena May 08TH, 2017

    Seller: Witchblade
    Item: Natalia Shapeshifter

    Doll in perfect condition, very good communication, a very nice and trustworthy seller! Thank you!

  • Lili A May 02ND, 2017

    Seller: Tatiana W.
    Item: Vanessa Fashion Explorer Head
    Comment: Excellent seller will respond quickly and friendly. Ships item neatly and securely. Trustworthy and honest. Completely satisfied with my item! Thanks a million!

  • Tamie Ishii Apr 30TH, 2017

    Seller: Witchblade 
    Item: The Young Sophisticate Poppy Parker NRFB
    Comment: She is a very friendly and kind seller.
    I have a 3-year-old granddaughter. I will present this poppy to her when she grows up.
    Thank you for a wonderful poppy!

  • PHYLLIS ANNE AMAN Apr 29TH, 2017

    Seller: Vicky
    Item: Misaki Traffic Stoppers Stop! NRFB
    This was a very fast, easy transaction. Vicky’s communication was perfect, and she shipped very quickly! Would definitely buy from her again!

  • Elena Taranko Apr 23RD, 2017

    Seller: SiberianCat
    Item: FR Luchia Z “Future Bound” nude
    Great seller. Highly recommended. Thank you!

  • Elena Taranko Apr 23RD, 2017

    Seller: SiberianCat
    Item: FR Luchia Z “Future bound”, nude
    Great seller. Highly recommended . Thank you!

  • Helena Apr 23RD, 2017

    April 23, 2017
    Seller: SiberianCat
    Item: FR Luchia Z “Future bound”, nude
    Great seller. Highly recommended . Thank you!

  • kristiina iisakkila Apr 18TH, 2017

    Seller: Tatiana W
    Item: Veronique centerpiece head
    Lovely seller and lovely item(s), great communication and fast safe shipping. All perfect, thank you from Finland

  • Isabel Lopez Apr 17TH, 2017

    Seller: Marie-France
    Item: Color Infusion Laka O’Rion Doll 2016 Supermodel convention.
    Great seller!! Really kind and always in contact. The doll is perfect and shipping was fast. Thank you so much!

    • Marie-France Apr 22ND, 2017

      Isabel is a great buyer! Fast payment, excellent communication. I highly recommend her. Thank you!!

  • Lili A Apr 06TH, 2017

    Seller: Kathleen Christensen
    Item: Veronique, Cover Girl Nude
    Top notch seller. Thank you for an honest and pleasant transaction. I appreciate the quick shipping and timely responses to emails. She was securely and neatly packaged. Will keep you in mind when browsing through here!

  • Sarah Apr 05TH, 2017

    Seller: KathyzDollz
    Item: Vanessa Evermore
    Comment: This lady really cares, honest to a fault. Fast shipping great communication and as described/pictured. Thank you!

  • Sarah Apr 05TH, 2017

    Seller: Ace
    Item: LOT: Colette Perk + All in White Colette head on Monogram body/Nude
    Comment: Fast shipping, great communication, item as described thank you!

  • Sarah Apr 05TH, 2017

    Seller: MsJay
    Item: Fashion Royalty Living Dangerously Kyori Shoes
    Comment: Friendly, fast shipping, as described thank you!

  • Sarah Apr 05TH, 2017

    Seller: dannetu
    Item: Poppy Parker Kicks! Supermodel Convention Centerpiece Doll
    Comment: Fast shipping, item as pictured/described – thank you!

  • Sarah Apr 05TH, 2017

    Seller: Tatiana
    Item: Nu Face / Full Speed Erin / BOOTS
    Comment: Great communication, item as pictured/described – thank you!

    • Sarah Apr 05TH, 2017

      *Tatiana W.

  • Amici H Feb 14TH, 2017

    Seller: Susan Zuiker Buyer: Amici H
    Item: Cold Shoulder Eugenia fashion
    Comment: Excellent service and communication. Item exactly as described. Thank you 😀

  • kristiina iisakkila Feb 13TH, 2017

    Seller: Felina Canalis, Italy
    Item: fr handspeak body

    Great seller. Fast shipping, very carefully packed item and great communication. Very recommended seller 🙂

  • Amici H Feb 08TH, 2017

    Seller: Megann Buyer: Amici H
    Item: Ombres Poetiques outfit
    Quick Comment: Great service and communication. Item exactly as described. Thank you.

  • Vickie Feb 07TH, 2017

    Seller: Vickie Pocius
    Buyer: Amici321
    Item: Nouveau Regime Tatyana mint, complete fashion
    Great buyer, lightening fast payment. Excellent communication. Highly recommend! Thanks for your purchase. A+

  • Vickie Feb 07TH, 2017

    Seller: Vickie Pocius
    Buyer: Valerie Harrington
    Item: Shanghai In Bloom mint, complete fashion
    Great repeat buyer, fast payment, excellent communication. Highly recommend. Come back anytime! A+

  • Amici H Feb 07TH, 2017

    Seller: Vickie Buyer: Amici321
    Item: Nouveau Regime Tatyana outfit
    Quick Comment: Wonderful service and communication. Item exactly as described and received well before expected. Thank you!

  • Paul McCarroll Jan 23RD, 2017

    Seller: Susan Korba
    Item: Poppy Parker ‘Magnifique’ nude
    Beautiful doll! pleasure to deal with. Thanks Susan!

  • Valerie Harrington Jan 19TH, 2017

    Seller: Vickie
    Item: Agnes dressed Concerto in M
    Vickie was great as usual. Item was described perfectly and it was shipped FAST! Thanks again, Vickie!

    • Vickie Jan 21ST, 2017

      Valerie’s a great buyer, fast payment, excellent communication. Highly recommend! Will definitely do business again. Enjoy!

  • Valerie Harrington Jan 14TH, 2017

    Seller: Sandy
    Item: Adele Glamazon doll
    Sandy was very helpful and the item arrived safely. Thanks!

  • Valerie Harrington Jan 14TH, 2017

    Seller: Tatiana W.
    Item: Shapeshifter lingerie
    Tatiana shipped quickly and the outfit was exactly as described.

  • Valerie Harrington Jan 14TH, 2017

    Seller: Vickie
    Items: Grand Slam and MetalMaven outfits
    Vickie was vary helpful and shipped QUICKLY. Great seller!

    • Vickie Jan 14TH, 2017

      Valerie is a great buyer, fast payment and excellent communication. Thanks again for your purchase!

  • Sarah V Jan 11TH, 2017

    Seller: yolibarb
    Item: London Mist Imogen Nrfb
    Wonderful communication, all around great transaction. Trustworthy and shipped quickly – thank you! Recommended!

  • dannetu Jan 05TH, 2017

    SELLER: Jessica Robyne Westfall
    ITEM: Silkstone Capucine
    Another flawless transaction-great price and a gorgeous doll.
    Highly recommended seller.
    Thanks for everything Robyne!

  • Isabel Lopez Dec 12TH, 2016

    SELLER : Dannetu
    ITEM : Poppy Parker Joyous Celebration Nude Doll and Poppy Parker Mood Changers Brunette Head
    Wonderful seller, easy transaction, shipping was really fast. Would buy from again and again, thank you so much!

  • Ulrika Stenberg Dec 10TH, 2016

    Seller: dannetu
    Item: Poppy Portrait in black
    Kelly is a wonderful seller and a very nice person! I have done business with her before and I would gladly do it again. Thank you for a gorgeous doll, Kelly!

  • Lili A. Dec 01ST, 2016

    Seller: Vicky
    Item: Color Infusion Camira Domina Nude Doll
    I was very happy to hear from Vicky promptly. Excellent communication time response as well as friendly and helpful. I would definitely go back to buy from her. Trustworthy and prompt responses.

    • Vicky Dec 17TH, 2016

      Thank You Lili A. Fast payment.

  • G. Drake Nov 17TH, 2016

    Seller: Joy Macari

    Item: Vanessa In Bloom NRFB

    Very nice seller, a pleasure to deal with. She took time to send extra pictures when I asked, packed the set carefully and shipped it immediately. Vanessa is perfect and her clothes are beautiful. Very pleased with purchase and would be happy to buy from Joy again.

  • Isabel Lopez Nov 15TH, 2016

    Seller: Wanda Hector
    Item: Color Infusion Supermodel Convention Dree Hill doll, Color Infusion Supermodel Convention Laka O’Rion doll, Color Infusion Supermodel Convention Monroe Jillian doll’s head.
    Great seller! Really fast shipping. A pleasure to do business with her. Hope to buy from her soon again. Thanks.

  • Anabreu Nov 10TH, 2016

    Buyer: Teddy Charles
    Item: Pink Purse from Color Therapy set
    Teddy was perfect to deal with, great communication and prompt payment too *thumbs up* Thank you so much and enjoy!

  • dannetu Nov 09TH, 2016

    Seller: Jessica Robyne Westfall
    Item: Ooh La La Clothing

    Perfect transaction! Lots of fun communication and a great deal on the entire Ooh La La ensemble. Very fast shipping too. A highly recommended seller and many thanks!

  • Anabreu Nov 09TH, 2016

    Buyer: K G
    Item: Blue cape from Sweet in Switzerland Poppy Parker
    Kim great to deal with, payed for very promptly, and communication was speedy and great too.
    Thank you so much, and enjoy! <3

  • dannetu Nov 02ND, 2016

    Seller Karon in Va
    Item: Starry Night ensemble NRFB
    Fantastic transaction with Karon, with incredibly fast shipping and a really great price. Highly recommended and appreciated seller!

  • dannetu Nov 02ND, 2016

    Seller: Anabreu
    Item: Nevery Ordinary Lillith
    Perfect transaction in every way-overseas shipping was very fast and the price was great! Highly recommended as a seller.
    Thank you Ana!

    • Anabreu Nov 09TH, 2016

      Buyer: dannetu
      Item: Nevery Ordinary Lillith
      Kim was absolutelly wonderfull to deal with, prompt payment, and fab communication, a huge *thumbs up*
      Thank you so much, and enjoy! <3

      • Anabreu Nov 09TH, 2016

        *Kelly (not Kim *doh*! I so apologise <3)

  • LizDee Nov 02ND, 2016

    Seller: Tatiana
    Item: Dark Moon Poppy outfit
    Another perfect transaction with great communication. Always
    a pleaure to deal with Tatiana & highly recommend her.

  • LizDee Nov 02ND, 2016

    Seller: Susan Korba
    Item: Nude Dark Moon Poppy
    A real pleasure to deal with Susan as item is packed well and in
    excellent condition. Perfection transaction in every way !
    Highly recommended seller !!

  • Amici H Nov 02ND, 2016

    Seller: Debbie Beams
    Item: Fashion Royalty Monogram Jubilation Outfit
    Quick Comment: Wonderful service and communication. Thank you 😀

  • Ulrika Stenberg Oct 29TH, 2016

    Seller: Angel Biezeman
    Items: Dark victory outfit, black coat, W pants
    Perfect transaction in every way! Great communication, fast shipping, lovely items. Highly recommended seller!

  • latemodel Oct 28TH, 2016

    Seller: Veduh
    Item: beige FR shoes
    I would purchase from Veduh again, happily. The shoes were in perfect condition and really well-packed. Communication was also great.

  • Susan Zuiker Oct 27TH, 2016

    Buyer: Mark Jackson
    Items: Keiron and fashion
    Mark is a terrific buyer. Fast payment and great communication. I would highly recommend him as a buyer. Enjoy your new doll!

  • Susan Zuiker Oct 27TH, 2016

    Buyer: Andrew Jones
    Item: Elyse Intrigue
    Perfect transaction. Andrew was a prompt payer and kept in touch throughout the transaction. I would sell to him again without hesitation. Enjoy your new doll!

  • Psylocke Oct 25TH, 2016

    Buyer: miyukidollfie
    Item: Ambitious Kesenia
    Super sweet buyer, wonderful communication throughout the transaction and fast payment!!! Thank you!

  • Alex Anber Oct 25TH, 2016

    Seller: Jessica Robyne Westfall
    Item: ITBE Anja: Dark Side/Nude on Original Body

    I highly recommend this seller, she is truly a OOAK and very kind at that! For a pleasant, smooth transaction, this is your seller! Shop with confidence! Thanks again Jessica!

  • Alex Anber Oct 19TH, 2016

    Seller: Steven Monsoon
    Item: Very Nice Brown/ Orange DG Coat

    Steven was great! Perfect communication, swift shipping, everything was just perfect. A+ transaction! Thanks Steven!

  • Ulrika Stenberg Oct 19TH, 2016

    I am SO SO terribly sorry!!! My feedback was supposed to refer to Susan Zuiker! I am SO sorry Susan! Susan Korba is terrific too, but this time it was Susan Zuiker who did me the honour of selling me some fabulous items. 🙂 Thank you Susan, and again, I am sorry!

  • Ulrika Stenberg Oct 19TH, 2016

    Seller: Susan K
    Item: Outfits and clock
    Susan is a great seller. She is very nice, her communication is clear and accurate and I am very pleased with the items I have bought from her. I will happily do business with her again if the chance occur and I highly recommend her. 🙂
    Sorry, Susan, about the late feedback here! But as they say – better late than never. 😉

  • Vickie Oct 15TH, 2016

    Buyer: Sue Cobb
    Item: Elise On The Rise
    Comment: Excellent transaction is every aspect. Highly recommend and would definitely do business again. Thank you! A+++

  • LizDee Oct 12TH, 2016

    Seller: tatiana
    Item: Color Infusion Outfit
    Comment: Excellent transaction in every way and a wonderful person to deal with.. Highly recommended and I look forward to future purchases
    from her.

  • Lucy Oct 05TH, 2016

    Buyer: Maria Eloisa Gan
    Item: POD Eugenia
    Comment: Maloy is such a sweet buyer, wonderful to communicate with. So glad you are happy with Eugenia!

  • Susan Zuiker Sep 18TH, 2016

    Buyer: Christine L
    Item: starlight Poppy
    Comment: Christine is a sweetheart to deal with. Great communication and timely payment, I hope to do business again!

  • MISTER-B Sep 07TH, 2016


    Seller: monogram8000 / Jackson /

    Seller is located in Indonesia and has been very suspicious. Seller flat out lied to another member about how ADMIN of the site purchased a doll from them, which I did not.

  • Nilsa Donelan Sep 06TH, 2016

    Seller: Rosalie Sanford
    Item: That Holiday Feeling / Poppy Parker

    I’m glad that I bought from Rosalie. She ia a friendly seller and the transaction wetn smooth. Quick shipping and well packaged. Item exactly as described.

  • Psylocke Sep 04TH, 2016

    Buyer: Linda in SK
    Item: FR Body
    Just wonderful buyer, pleasant communication throughout the transaction and fast payment.

  • Susan Aug 23RD, 2016

    Buyer: Stormer83
    Item: CI bodies
    Terrific buyer. Great communication and fast payment. Hope to do business again.

  • Susan Zuiker Aug 22ND, 2016

    Buyer: Kemngen
    item: Modern Sensibility Dasha
    Kwanza is an excellent buyer. Great communication and fast payer. A joy to deal with!

  • hello_puppet Aug 14TH, 2016

    Buyer: lovindollz

    Item: NRFB Marius Lancaster IFDC Exclusive

    Great buyer. Super friendly. Smooth transaction! Thank you!!!

  • Vickie Aug 06TH, 2016

    Buyer: Tuy Mai
    Item: Intimate Reveal Agnes mint, complete
    Excellent repeat buyer. Fast payment, excellent communication. Would definitely do business again. Highly recommend.

  • Vickie Aug 05TH, 2016

    Buyer: Nilsa Donelan
    Item: Shock Bon Vanessa complete mint fashion
    Great buyer, fast payment, excellent communication. Definitely would do business again. Highly recommend. A+ Thank you!

  • KathyzDollz Aug 05TH, 2016

    Buyer: Margarita ER (Margarita Escribano Roeber), Germany
    Item: Poppy Parker as Corie Bratter in Barefoot in the Park, NRFB
    Margarita is a gracious, prompt buyer. Her emails are friendly, and I would be happy to deal with her again as either a buyer or seller. We had a very easy, fast international transaction.

  • Vickie Aug 05TH, 2016

    Buyer Gavin Lee
    Item Kyori Dark Narcisscus
    Gavin is a great International buyer. I would definitely do business again and highly recommend. Enjoy your new Kyori! A+++

  • Omar Manrique Jul 29TH, 2016

    Buyer: Paul McCarroll
    Item: Janay Ignite nude
    Paul is a reliable buyer, it was a pleasure make business with him.

  • Paul McCarroll Jul 29TH, 2016

    Seller: Omar Manrique
    Item: Janay Ignite nude
    Great seller! Doll as described. Great, friendly communication and fast shipping. Would definitely deal with Omar again . A+++

  • Veduh Jul 27TH, 2016

    Buyer: Paul McCarroll
    Item: Eugenia Point of Departure NRFB
    Perfect transaction! Perfect buyer! Thanks for immediate payment & feedback!

  • fivedollarsfirm Jul 25TH, 2016

    Buyer: Maria Eloisa Gan
    Item: Regal Solstice Anja (Head Only)
    Wonderful, smooth transaction from start to finish – Maria is a joy to work with! Friendly, prompt payment and absolutely perfect, thanks so much!!

  • Sandy Parkos Jul 24TH, 2016

    Seller: Kristibatgirl
    Item: Ellowyne Wilde Always Playing Solitaire Partial Outfit
    Kristi is a great seller; items are in excellent condition and shipped quickly! Thank you!

  • Adele Jul 23RD, 2016

    Buyer: christy festi
    Item: Elyse J’Adore La Fête

    I am very very disappointed and really upset about this transaction. She called me dsihonest as she didn’t get what is seen on the picture. I mentioned in my listing that I only sell the gown of Elyse J’Adore La Fête , without shoes and jewelry for a price of 35$. I have had four separate listings for the items of Elyse J’Adore La Fête – one for the gown, one for the costume, one for the lingerie and one for the head. So it is really clear that she only get the gown she asked for, nothing else for a price of 35$.

    I mention in my listings that I prefer paypal payment and a personal payment. She didn’t pay me with personal payment, I have paid for the paypal fees on my own. She did the same with a friend of mine. And she didn’t pay me in Dollars, she paid me in Euros, what should I do with Euros ? All listings are in Dollars, so I expect a payment in Dollars, not in Euros. It is possible to pay with paypal in many different currencies.

    I am not dishonest, I am not a liar or scammer – I have a 100% positive feedback on eBay, did several sales in the past on Doll Divas, on other boards and in the W Club too. I only charge the shipping fees I have to pay in my post-office, nothing in addition.

  • Lynda P Jul 19TH, 2016

    Seller: Linda (
    Item: multiple silkstone items
    Linda is a fantastic seller. Items packed with great care 🙂

  • Julie Manley Jul 06TH, 2016

    Seller: Seth Hanson, New York
    Item: Nu-face jacket
    Thanks for the excellent communication and service, found Seth great to deal with and thanks.

  • Claude-Marie Jul 06TH, 2016

    Seller: Arnie
    Item: Sybarite Katana Repaint

    Many thanks to Arnie for a perfect transaction, a perfect doll, a perfect package and a perfect communication. Yes indeed, perfect is the right word.
    Buy with total confidence from him.

  • Julie Manley Jul 01ST, 2016

    Seller: Abracadabra
    Item: Giselle, nude, Energetic Presence
    Thanks very much Qian for the effortless transaction, good communication, and great doll, especially as she had to travel all the way to Australia.

  • Miss C Jun 14TH, 2016

    Buyer: misscherelle67
    Item: FR Lady in Waiting Dania
    misscherelle67 is absolutely wonderful to deal with. Very recommended!

  • Iryna Chystiakova Jun 11TH, 2016

    Buyer: Kristiina Iisakkila
    Item: Irresistible Dania Zarr
    Once again it is great to have business with such an amazing collector as Kristiina, I wish her many positive transaction in the future!

  • Clare May 31ST, 2016

    Seller: Angel Sanchez
    Item: Outfits for sale/ Reese “Vintage Vinyl”
    Great communication, great seller.

  • Julie Manley May 29TH, 2016

    Seller: Wendy
    Item: Three Nu face bodies
    Quick Comment: Lovely person to deal with, bodies arrived well-packed for their long journey to Australia and in good time.

  • dannetu May 24TH, 2016

    Seller: Kari Stackhouse
    Item: Monogram Magnetism fashion
    As always, a perfect (and fun!) transaction with Kari. I love the minty ensemble and appreciate the quick shipping.
    A highly recommended seller to all-thank you Kari!

  • MISTER-B May 23RD, 2016

    SCAM ALERT: The following buyer, Chris Costi (Real Name), has scammed a few people through this site. The email he uses is:

    Please be careful when selling to this person.

  • MISTER-B May 23RD, 2016

    SCAM ALERT: The following buyer Stevanus Asih Triariefpriyantohas (Real Name) has many aliases and should not be sold to:
    1. Datin Annie Choo
    2. Albert Albert
    3. Follan Humongio
    4. Cantika Putri
    5. Margareth Evi Susanti
    6. Antonius Leighfred
    7. Luthfi Leighfred
    8. Juwita Maharani

  • Vickie May 22ND, 2016

    Great repeat transaction with Kelly. Fast payment, great communication. Would definitely do business again and highly recommend her. Thanks and enjoy your new Eugenia.

  • dannetu May 22ND, 2016

    Seller: Vickie
    Item: Eugenia Most Desired
    A fantastic transaction with Vickie-the doll I bought is like new and absolutely pristine gorgeous, perfectly packaged, quickly shipped, and I couldn’t be happier! Its been awhile since I bought from Vickie and its good to know she’s still the same caring, conscientious seller. I highly recommend her. Thank you so much Vickie!

  • Vickie May 21ST, 2016

    Buyer: November W
    Items: Deconstruction Site Eugenia & Truly, Madly, Deeply Agnes Giftset
    Yue is a great repeat buyer. Fast payment, excellent email contact. Couldn’t ask for a better transaction. Enjoy your new dolls love!
    Thank you.


  • Felicia Scott May 18TH, 2016

    Seller: Angel Sanchez
    Item: (2) Perk Colette Nude Doll/ “Perk” Outfit
    Angel is a awesome seller! Doll and fashion was in beautiful condition! Great communication, great transaction, and fast overseas shipping. Highly recommend seller! Thank you!

  • Psylocke May 13TH, 2016

    BUYER: ursulacouture
    ITEM: Anja Head
    Great buyer, highly recommended. Fast payment and great communication!!!

  • Carol Randolph May 12TH, 2016

    SELLER: Kimberly MD
    ITEM: Bogue’s Vogue Sheath

    The Silkstone doll fashion was mint. Shipping took 2 days. Perfect transaction.

  • dannetu May 07TH, 2016

    Seller: Angel Sanchez
    Item: (3) OOAK Eugenia/OOAK Poppy/Lilith Great Pretender

    Angel is such a pleasure to deal with-this was a really fun transaction and everything went smoothly from start to finish. And overseas shipping was FAST! All three of the dolls I purchase were exactly as described (gorgeous!). Buy with confidence! I highly recommend and Thank You so much, Angel!

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