Posted at March 25, 2015

Feedback List

FeedbackThere are two ways to leave feedback for sellers on the site. First, leave feedback by clicking the seller’s icon on the ad and leave feedback on the post. The feedback should stay with the seller as long as the ad remains archived on the site.

The second is to leave a comment on this page for all to see. Please format the comment like this:

Seller or Buyer: User Name
Item: Description of item
Comment: Quick comment about the transaction.

Here is an example:

Seller: Mister-B
Item: Poppy Parker: Wild Thing / Gloss Convention / MIB
Comment: Mister-B was extremely friendly and fast. Thanks for the great item.

This will be a permanent area for feedback comments and can easily be searched by doing a search on the page. Macs = Command-F / PC = Control (right-click) F. Due to the amount of feedback left, the most recent fifty comments will display. You can search the site or previous feedback by clicking the “older comments” link near the bottom of the page.

I take feedback very seriously, so if you have any questions, concerns or info about potential scams, email me directly.

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  • KathyzDollz May 06TH, 2016

    Buyer: Maria Eloisa Gan
    Item: Poppy Parker Midas Touch
    Great buyer! Good communication, fast payment, and smooth transaction! This buyer is a delight to deal with!

  • marla gribler May 04TH, 2016

    Angel Sanchez is an excellent seller!!!! Wonderful transaction!!!

  • Anabreu Apr 23RD, 2016

    Seller: Michel Paris
    Item: NRFB Black Tie Vanessa
    Wonderfull to deal with, fast and great communication, prompt shipping. Perfect transaction with Michel, highly recommended seller!

  • Sarah V Apr 21ST, 2016

    Seller: Renee Komodowski
    Item: Techrat: Jem and the Holograms / head only
    Great seller, easy transaction and item as described. Thank you!

  • Lynda P Apr 20TH, 2016

    Seller: Junior (
    Item: As Dusk Falls Eugenia head
    Super transaction, fantastic seller and great person πŸ™‚

  • Lynda P Apr 16TH, 2016

    Seller: Tatiana W
    Multiple items
    Perfect seller – super fast shipping and minty items are always packed with great care. She is a fantastic seller πŸ™‚

  • Rebelranger Apr 15TH, 2016

    Buyer: Lili A Pasaporte
    Item: Barbie MOTM – NIchelle
    Great Communication & Fast Payment. Highly recommended. Thanks so much for buying Nichelle from me.

  • Susan Zuiker Apr 13TH, 2016

    Buyer: Steven Monsoon
    Item: Purity Dasha Nude Doll.
    Steven was wonderful to deal with. Prompt payment and excellant communication which is always appreciated. We had a minor scare when the PO delivered Dasha to the wrong address, but Steven remained calm and cool throughout and she was finally delivered safe and sound. Sell with confidence!!

  • Lili A Pasaporte Apr 10TH, 2016

    Seller: Rebelranger
    Item: Barbie Model of the Moment-Nichelle
    Excellent experience overall. Fast response with communication and doll was shipped the same day as paid. Keep this seller in mind, here.

  • Kari Stackhouse Apr 08TH, 2016

    Buyer: Enfant Terrible
    Item: NRFB Hippie Dippy Poppy Parker
    I just had a perfect transaction with Enfant Terrible. Flawless communication and prompt payment. Highly recommend++++ Thanks so much!

  • Vickie Apr 06TH, 2016

    Buyer: November W
    Item: NRFB Festive Decadence Agnes Von Weiss
    Flawless transaction with Yue Wang. Fast payment and great communication. Highly recommend buyer. Thanks again! Enjoy!!!

  • Kari Stackhouse Mar 23RD, 2016

    Buyer: Julia Newsome
    Item: Nude Victoire Roux
    I just had another flawless transaction with Julia and highly recommend her as a buyer. Super fast payment and wonderful communication. Absolute perfection. Thank you so much!

  • Kate Brooks Mar 16TH, 2016

    Magdalena Bareja

    Buyer: Kate Brooks
    Item: Domina Wig

    Great interaction with Magdalena – perfect item, well packaged and speedy delivery. Would buy from again. Many thanks.

  • Kari Stackhouse Mar 13TH, 2016

    Buyer: Angie Collazo
    Item: Nude Sound Advice Adele
    Highly recommend Angie as a buyer. Very sweet person. Fast payment and great communications. Perfect transaction in every way. Thanks so much!

  • Kari Stackhouse Mar 13TH, 2016

    Buyer: Angie Collazo
    Item: Nude Sound Advice Adele
    Highly recommend Angie as a buyer. Very sweet person. Fast payment and great communication. Perfect transaction in every way. Thanks so much!

  • Kari Stackhouse Mar 13TH, 2016

    Buyer: Cat
    Item: Mission Moscow Takeo
    Just had a fabulous transaction with Cat. I highly recommend her as a buyer. Very prompt payment and lovely communication. Absolutely perfect. Thanks so much!!

  • Susan Zuiker Mar 05TH, 2016

    Buyer: Yue Weng
    Item: Victoire fashion
    Yue is a wonderful buyer. Fast payment and great communication. I would definitely recommend! Thanks again for a wonderful transaction!

  • Chiharu Mar 01ST, 2016

    Seller: hello_puppet
    Item: First Blush Ayumi
    Wonderful seller with great communication, fast shipping. I higly recommended her. Thank you for an easy & pleasant transaction !

  • dannetu Feb 29TH, 2016

    Seller: Niki
    Item: Silkstone Lingerie #5

    Another mint condition doll purchased-Niki is such a great seller and so pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend her-Thanks Niki!

  • dannetu Feb 29TH, 2016

    Seller: Niki
    Item: Barbie Open Road Repro

    So nice to purchase dolls from Niki; wonderful communication and very fast shipping. A great seller to be trusted-Thank you!!

  • Susan Zuiker Feb 23RD, 2016

    Buyer: Emilio Ortiz
    Item: Rare Appearance Dania
    Emilio was a joy to sell to. Kind, prompt payer and great communicator. I would highly recommend!

    • Millo Feb 24TH, 2016

      Great Seller, Flawless merchandise and transaction. Couldn’t be more happy. Thanks

  • Millo Feb 22ND, 2016

    Seller: Susan Zuiker
    Item: Nude Rare Dania.
    Wonderful seller and Flawless merchandise. Doll shipped quickly. Great Transaction. Thanks Susan. A++++

  • Wendy M Feb 22ND, 2016

    Seller: Debbie Beams
    Item: Outfit Ayumi Miracle Child
    I highly recommend Debbie! Very friendly Seller with great communication and service! My outfit shipped quickly and arrived safely. Very nice pieces too πŸ™‚
    Thank you Debbie! AAA+

  • Anabreu Feb 18TH, 2016

    Seller: Tatiana W. from USA
    Item: Doll head from Poppy Parker Monte Carlo
    Tatiana is always a dream to deal with, both as a seller and as a buyer. Communication is always great and fast, and I got my Poppy head quite fast πŸ™‚ *thumbs up* to one of the best members of our doll community πŸ™‚

    • Anabreu Feb 18TH, 2016

      …and of course the sweet Tatiana is from Canada, I wasn’t paying attention before I submitted my review, sorry ^_^

  • LBx Feb 18TH, 2016

    Buyer: Chiara Tacconi from Italy
    Item: MIB Momoko Gainax Girl Nadia
    Chiara is a wonderful buyer, very nice and friendly communication, quick payment, thanks alot Chiara !

  • $avage Feb 17TH, 2016

    Buyer : Paul McCarroll
    Item : Porcelain Beauty Kesenia FR
    Paul is a realible buyer, very fast payment, an easy and wonderful transaction, good comunication, would deffo dealing with Paul in future.
    Thanks again Paul

  • Paul McCarroll Feb 17TH, 2016

    seller : Savage
    Item : Porcelain Beauty Kesenia FR

    $avage is a wonderful seller! this was a very pleasant transaction. Doll was in pristine quality as described in ad and packaged with care. Also, very speedy delivery. would definitely buy from $avage again!

    Thanks $avage! : )

  • Susan Zuiker Feb 17TH, 2016

    Buyer: Tami Gibson
    Item: Black Orchid Vanessa
    Tami is a perfect buyer. Prompt payment and great communication. Thanks for the great transaction!

  • Anabreu Feb 16TH, 2016

    Seller: Miss C from USA
    Item: Doll head from Poppy Parker Mood Changers Red Hair
    Highly recommended seller. I was delighted to do business with Ce Ce, communication was great and fast, as was the international shipping. Thank you so much for making me this happy, I really needed a dolly-fix πŸ™‚

    • Miss C Feb 17TH, 2016

      Thank you, Anabreu!
      You are an absolute dream to sell to. Ana is a very recommended buyer!!

  • Cate McQuillan Feb 10TH, 2016

    Seller: Jeane De Felice–

    Item: Numina Egan, nude with wig

    Jeanne is fantastic to deal with: friendly, super smooth transaction, great communication, and of course fantastic item!

  • latemodel Feb 05TH, 2016

    Seller: Tatiana W
    Item: 2 pairs of FR shoes
    Tatiana is always great to deal with: super communication, immaculate items and reasonable shipping.

  • marla gribler Feb 03RD, 2016

    Another great transaction-this time with Seth Hansen! excellent & quick turnaround! Thanks!

  • marla gribler Feb 03RD, 2016

    Fivedollarsfirm is wonderful to deal with-buy with confidence!

  • MISTER-B Feb 03RD, 2016

    BUYER: Artyom Olkov / Kristina Kitina
    Item: Lady In Red Erin

    Although the transaction was completed in a satisfactory manner, Artyom Olkov (Kristina Kitina) attempted to file a dispute with Paypal stating she did not receive the doll. The buyer submitted the dispute 6 months after she received the doll.

    Please remember to keep all emails and purchase/provide tracking information for all purchases. Signatures for packages is highly encouraged.

  • nicola Feb 01ST, 2016

    Seller: Penelope Reeves
    Item: Poppy Parker Tears Go By
    Great seller, very kind, super fast and very nice person πŸ™‚ excellent transaction!! Wonderful Doll!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!

  • dannetu Jan 31ST, 2016

    Seller: Designdiva
    Item: Poppy Parker Beatnik Blues
    Another gorgeous doll I purchased-a great buy and I’m VERY satisfied-I highly recommend this seller!

  • dannetu Jan 31ST, 2016

    Seller: Designdiva
    Item: Poppy Parker Ask Any Girl
    I bought 3 dolls from Corrinne and she gave me great prices on all-plus the dolls are mint condition! She shipped them fast too-Thanks Corrine for a perfect transaction!

  • Psylocke Jan 29TH, 2016

    Buyer: Alex
    Item: Japan FR Body
    Fabulous buyer, highly recommended. Fast payment and great communication throughout the entire transaction!

  • Clare Jan 26TH, 2016

    Seller: Alessia156(aka Rhonda)
    Item: IFDC Go Home Rayna Complete Outfit
    Great communication and fast delivery. Highly recommended.

  • dannetu Jan 26TH, 2016

    Seller: MsJay
    Item: Bergdorf Poppy Parker
    Fantastic transaction-great communication and incredibly fast overseas shipping. Highly recommended and would love to do business again!

  • Anabreu Jan 26TH, 2016

    Buyer: Annie (abbikat85)
    Item: Elise Jolie partial outfit
    Annie was a pleasure to deal with. Great communication, fast reply and fast payment aswell. Highly recommended member!

  • kristiina iisakkila Jan 20TH, 2016

    Seller: MsJay
    Item: Eugenia City Prowl
    Perfect; lovely doll in great condition and very fast shipping.
    Recommended seller.

    • MsJay Jan 23RD, 2016

      Buyer: kristiina iisakkila
      Item: Eugenia City Prowl
      Another wonderful transaction with Kristiina! Thank you so much, been great pleasure dealing with you!:)

  • Julie Manley Jan 18TH, 2016

    Seller: Eli in Europe (Bergamo, Italy)
    Item: Aria Dynamite Girl
    Thanks for the excellent service and great packing, doll arrived safely and I am very pleased. Eli is lovely to deal with.

    • Eli Jan 26TH, 2016

      Buyer: Julie Manley
      Item: Aria Dynamite Girl

      Would highly recommend Julie Manley as a buyer! She’s been a great pleasure to deal with! Very fast payment and wonderful communication. Couldn’t be better!!! (βœΏβ— β€Ώβ— )

  • Anastasia Jan 15TH, 2016

    Seller: LACABallet (Mario)
    Item: Dania Optic Clash
    Thanks a lot for my beautiful doll, she’s amazing and gorgeous. I’m happy!
    Great seller!

  • $avage Jan 06TH, 2016

    Buyer: Sue Cobb
    Item: Clash Montmogory Jem Doll IT
    Excellent buyer, dealing with her was such a pleasure!
    Sue is wonderful and looking forward to dealing with her in future!
    Rating: AAAA++++

  • Sarah Spivak Jan 06TH, 2016

    Seller: Pisarnitskaya Darya
    Item: Poppy Parker The Happening

    Doll was delayed briefly by the holiday rush but she came looking gorgeous! She was very well packed as well. A+ seller!

  • Clare Jan 05TH, 2016

    Seller: Rose Dixon
    Item: Poppy Parker Youthquake outfit. Sorry Rose I took a while to leave feedback. I did receive the parcel just before Christmas and was very happy with the outfit and your correspondence.

  • Psylocke Dec 31ST, 2015

    Buyer: Pomeranian
    Item: Aristocratic Agnes and FR shoes
    Just amazing buyer, wonderful communication throughout the transaction, fast payment. A+++++++++++++

  • Julie Manley Dec 29TH, 2015

    Seller: Susan Zuiker
    Item: Chrome Noir IT Nu-face
    Thanks heaps for a great doll, as well as fast and friendly communication.

  • Vickie Dec 11TH, 2015

    Buyer: Ramiro Rivas
    Item: Dress Code Vanessa complete fashion.
    Great buyer, excellent communication. Would definitely do business again! Thanks for the positive feedback also! A+

  • Svetlana Dec 03RD, 2015

    Seller: Ella_Doll
    Item: Natalia Back to Black

    Very nice seller!
    Incredible prices and extra fast shipping.
    My dream doll is now with me.

  • zhanna Dec 03RD, 2015

    Seller: Nataliya Y
    Item: Giselle: In Yuzen Blossom / NRFB
    Nataliya was wonderful to deal with – great communication and very friendly and patient. A doll in an excellent state as it was declared. I am glad to acquaintance to the remarkable person.
    My best recommendations *****

  • Kari Stackhouse Dec 02ND, 2015

    Buyer: Sophie Zuili
    Item: Vintage Barbie fashion lot.
    Sophie is a fabulous buyer. Super fast payment. Prompt and delightful communication throughout the entire transaction. Highly recommend+++

  • Iryna Chystiakova Dec 01ST, 2015

    Buyer: Yumiko Alexander
    Item: OOAK Poppy Parker
    Seller: Iryna Chystiakova
    Yumiko is a wonderful person to deal with. Very fast transaction and communication. I highly recommend this buyer. Sell with confidence.
    Thank you!

  • Vickie Nov 27TH, 2015

    Buyer: Yolibarb
    Item: Tatyana J’Adore necklace.

    Great buyer, excellent communication, fast payment. Highly recommend. Thanks for the positive feedback and come back any time. :o)

  • Lynda P Nov 27TH, 2015

    Seller: Susan Korba
    Item: FR2 and FR dolls and bodies, guaranteed chic outfit
    Susan is a doll to deal with and her items are always minty, and used dolls are well cared for. She is one of my favourite sellers πŸ™‚

  • Kari Nov 26TH, 2015

    Buyer: Jennifer Taylor
    Item: Back to Brooklyn Auden / Nude
    Jenn is an absolute sweetheart to deal with: timely & delightful emails and super fast payments. Thanks so much! Highly recommend+++

  • Kari Nov 26TH, 2015

    Buyer: Diana Easley
    Item: NRFB Dressmaker Details Gene Sheath
    I just had a wonderful transaction with Diana. Great communication and super fast payment. Highly recommend+++

  • Kari Nov 26TH, 2015

    Buyer: Sue Cobb
    Item: Joyful in Japan Poppy Parker (Incomplete)
    Absolutely perfect transaction with Sue from beginning to end. Delightful person to deal with. Highly recommend.

  • Marie FΓ€llgren Nov 25TH, 2015

    SELLER: Cat
    ITEM: Anna Sui pieces

    Cat is a wonderful seller. Fast shipping and the A.S pieces are in great condition, as promised. Highly recommended!

  • CaseyQ Nov 23RD, 2015

    seller: daphne
    item: Gavin Dynamite Girl
    daphne is a wonderful seller, we had an excellent transaction. The doll is excellent even better than expected. Buy with confidence from this fabulous seller

  • Vickie Nov 14TH, 2015

    Buyer: dollz4moi
    Item: Pencil Me In Eugenia
    Anika is a great buyer. Fast payment, great communication and would definitely do business with her again. Highly recommend. Thanks for your purchase!

  • Vickie Nov 06TH, 2015

    Jen L is a great buyer. Purchased Madame Jolie from me. Fast payment, great communication. Thanks for leaving me positive feedback too! Come back anytime.

  • Vickie Nov 06TH, 2015

    Jennifer Harrison is a great buyer, she paid immediately and notified me when she received Bittersweet Eugenia and left me positive feedback. Highly recommend. Would definitely sell to her again. Thanks for a perfect transaction.

  • LoveDolls Nov 02ND, 2015

    I was unable to leave feedback for Susan Korba in the reviews section as the advert had been removed. I just want to tell everyone what a great seller Susan is, she is fast friendly and the item comes well packaged. Susan is a very trustworthy seller and I will definitely buy from her again.

  • Rika Oct 29TH, 2015

    Seller: ardelia e nicole
    Item: Poppy Parker She’s not there
    Great communication, fast shipping. I would gladly do business with ardelia e nicole again! πŸ™‚

  • Kari Oct 27TH, 2015

    Buyer: Rika
    Item: Veronique, Kyori, Poppy
    Rika is a perfect buyer. Wonderful prompt communications and superfast payment. A joy to deal with. Thank you!

  • Kari Oct 27TH, 2015

    Buyer: Jason Yau
    Item: Regal Estate Agnes
    Jason is a gem to deal with. Fabulous communication and fast payment. A perfect transaction in every way. Thank you!

  • Belenojon Oct 23RD, 2015

    Seller: Pigletta
    Item: Lilith Rock Wedding
    Marijke is a very nice person. The doll is gorgeous as described and arrived safly in very short time. Thanks!

  • Rika Oct 18TH, 2015

    Seller: Kari Stackhouse
    Item: Veronique, Kyori, Poppy
    Kari is a supernice seller! Great transaction in every way. I highly recommend her! πŸ™‚

  • Vickie Oct 17TH, 2015

    Buyer: latemodel
    Seller: Vickie
    Items: Silkstone Southern Bell, High Stepping fashion, loose FR hands

    Jackie is a great repeat buyer, fast payment and great communication.

  • Belenojon Oct 16TH, 2015

    Seller: Jenny Dean
    Item: Avantguards Freeze Frame nude doll
    Jenny is a very nice seller. Beautiful and perfect doll, great package and fast shipping. Thanks!

  • Belenojon Oct 16TH, 2015

    Seller: Jenny Dean
    Item: Avantguards Freeze Frame nude doll
    Jenny is a very nice seller. Beautiful and perfect doll, great package and fast shipping. Thank you!

  • latemodel Oct 14TH, 2015

    Seller: Vickie
    Item: Silkstone Southern Bell, High Stepping fashion, loose FR hands

    Vickie is a great seller to deal with – super communication, well-packed items, always smooth transactions.

  • Shawn Bundy Oct 13TH, 2015

    Buyer: Marce
    Item: Attention! AvantGuard
    Great buyer, quick and easy communication, prompt payment, smooth process. Thanks Marce!!!

  • Shawn Bundy Oct 13TH, 2015

    Buyer: Marce
    Item: Attention AvantGuard

  • Kari Stackhouse Oct 12TH, 2015

    Buyer: Alexandra Anber
    Item: OOAK Bashette bed & linens
    Alex is a fantastic buyer+++ Wonderfully prompt and friendly communication. Super-fast payment. Superb transaction in every way. Thanks so much!

  • KathyzDollz Oct 12TH, 2015

    Buyer: Jay
    Item: Tyler Wentworth OOAK by Sherry Miller on Nu Mood Body
    Jay was great to deal with. He paid quickly, communicated promptly and clearly, and let me know when he received the doll.

  • Alexandra Anber Oct 11TH, 2015

    Seller: Kari Stackhouse
    Item: Bashette bed and linens / OOAK / FREE SHIPPING

    Perfect A++++ transaction! Lovely interaction, incredibly swift shipment, perfectly packaged, and exactly as described! Shop with confidence this is an amazing seller! Thanks Kari!

  • Rebelranger Oct 09TH, 2015

    BUYER: Annie Sattler
    ITEM: Stunning in the Spotlight Silkstone
    Annie is a pleasure to work with. Fast payment & leaves feedback. Highly recommended.

  • Jay Oct 06TH, 2015

    Seller: KathyzDollz
    Item: Tyler Wentworth OOAK by Sherry Miller on Nu Mood body

    Kathy is a FAB seller. Item just as described. Packed well, and fast shipping. A+

  • latemodel Oct 05TH, 2015

    Seller: Tatiana W
    Buyer: latemodel
    Item: Lotta Danger Poppy head only, Lilac Frost Poppy head only

    I have purchased several items from Tatiana during the past couple of years and the transactions are always professional and pleasant. The items are immaculate, well-packed and Tatiana is wonderful to communicate/deal with. One of my favourite sellers!!

  • Susan Zuiker Oct 05TH, 2015

    Buyer: Brankica
    Item: FR fashion
    Wonderful buyer. Fast payment and great communication. Would do business again!

  • Susan Zuiker Oct 05TH, 2015

    Buyer: Luis
    Item: FR gowns.
    Luis is wonderful to do business with. Super fast payment and great communication. Would do business again.

  • Susan Zuiker Oct 05TH, 2015

    Buyer: Stacy Saez
    Item: Erin Chrom Head
    Stacy was a wonderful buyer. Super fast payment and great communication. Would do business again!

  • Suzanne Patenaude Oct 04TH, 2015

    Bought summer outfits from seller Susan Korba. I was very satisfied with the fast & very courteous service. The Outfits were in Excellent Cond.
    Hoghly recommended++++++

  • Kari Stackhouse Oct 02ND, 2015

    Buyer: Dana Abdella
    Item: Welcome Home furniture lot
    Dana is an awesome buyer. Fantastic communication and super-fast payment. Simply flawless transaction. Highly recommend+++

  • fivedollarsfirm Sep 28TH, 2015

    Buyer: Linda Z
    Item: Barbie Silkstone Ravishing In Rouge
    Easy transaction, welcome back any time – thanks again!

  • Alexandra Anber Sep 27TH, 2015

    Seller: Vickie
    Item: Barbie Silkstone BFMC Parisienne Dealer Exclusive
    Shop with confidence Vickie is great! Swift, easy transaction, item exactly as described, and perfectly packaged! Thank you Vickie!

  • Claude-Marie Sep 27TH, 2015

    Buyer Jeff Winn
    Item : Chandelier outfit ( pieces)
    Jeff is perfect: great communication, prompt payment. Highly recommended.

  • Kari Stackhouse Sep 27TH, 2015

    Buyer: Sergio Manzo
    Item: Beyond the Still Fashion
    This was my second transaction with Sergio and both have of them have gone flawlessly. Great communication at all times and very fast payment. Highly recommend+++

  • Kari Stackhouse Sep 26TH, 2015

    Buyer: 4FashionRoyalty
    Item: Mattel Barbie convention Photo Studio
    I have had several transactions with this buyer and every one has been absolute perfection. Great communication and super-fast payment. Thank you so much! Highly recommend+++++

  • Kari Stackhouse Sep 26TH, 2015

    Buyer: 4FashionRoyalty
    Item: Mattel Jonathan Adler furniture lot
    Jenn is an absolute dream buyer. Delightful communication and very prompt payment. Always a pleasure!

  • bandolimou Sep 26TH, 2015

    Seller: Randall Craig
    Item: Dynamite girls body
    Communication was excellent (and thank you Randall for being so patient!), the item arrived super fast and the body is just perfect. Packaged with love and care! I recommend Randall highly, A+++++

  • lovindollz Sep 25TH, 2015

    Buyer: Tony Lucha
    Mood Changer Poppy Parker Black Dress Fashion
    Tony is a wonderful buyer. Fast payment and great communication. He is welcome back anytime. Highly recommend. : )

  • ANITA RADFORD Sep 25TH, 2015

    Seller:- Karen Metz
    Items: Ellowyne Separates

    Karen was a delight to buy from. Super communication, excellent items & reasonable International postage. Overall a great experience . Would recommend highly

  • Jeff Winn Sep 25TH, 2015

    Seller: Claude-Marie QUEMENEUR
    Item: Sybarite Chandelier Items

    Claude-Marie was great! She combined shipping for me and was very communicative. Great transaction!

  • lovindollz Sep 24TH, 2015

    Buyer: Erica-Corsetkitten
    FR Faded Desert Kyori Handbag
    Erica is a fantastic buyer! Fast payment and friendly communication. I would do business with her again. Highly recommend. : )

  • Susan Zuiker Sep 22ND, 2015

    Buyer: BMCA1967
    Fashion Royalty Power Play Fashion
    Claudia was a wonderful buyer. Great communication and super fast payment. Sell with confidence!


  • Marce Sep 21ST, 2015

    Wonderful doll, good communication and friendly! Thank you very much Shawn!!!

    • Marce Sep 21ST, 2015

      BUYER: Shawn Bundy
      ITEM: Attention Avantguard NRFB
      Wonderful doll, good communication and friendly! Thank you very much Shawn!!!

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