Posted at February 3, 2015
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February Site Updates

Hello everyone,

Things are moving fast and furiously, but I thought I would take a moment to talk about how we would like posts to look and how one goes about selling, buying and trading. We’ll be putting together a FAQ, but until then, please read:


MisterDollface is a forum for buying, selling and trading your favorite collectibles. Unlike eBay, sellers and buyers need to take precautions to protect themselves. We are moderating users, but with the amount of users, we can not always verify who they are. We recommend tracking on all packages and secure payment sites like PayPal to complete your transactions. As a community, I believe we can moderate ourselves and make this a space for safe (and fun) community building. Anyone found not to be operating in a truthful manner will be removed.


In order for people to build a community of trustworthy buyers and sellers we have added a review section. This will be for people to share their experiences with the registered sellers. We will be moderating negative feedback and we do reserve the right to remove sellers who receive negative feedback. So please post positive feedback for your fellow buyers and sellers.


Most of you know how to list ads properly. We recommend putting the items’s name in the title and whether or not the collectible is MIB (Mint In Box) NRFB (Never Removed From Box) NUDE (Duh!) and/or Displayed. You do not need to put your phone number in your add, nor any email addresses. The “Contact Seller” button on the right will send you and email if someone is interested in the item you are selling. We do recommend putting in as much detail as possible and of course, great pictures are a given.


When you have decided to mark something on hold for a buyer, please log in to your post and EDIT the headline to read: HOLD: Agnes Von Weiss Intimate Reveal NRFB

When an item has sold, you have the option to either delete the post, or mark the item: SOLD: Agnes Von Weiss Intimate Reveal NRFB. If you decide to keep the listing up, please change the price to $0.00. This will help visitors to the site easily identify what is and is not available.
We will be adding to this list as things come up, so happy collecting!


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