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“Kiss You in Paris” Mademoiselle Jolie NRFB

USA $140.00

Kiss You in Paris 2016 Super Model Convention Salesroom Giftset. Known as the Madonna doll. Never removed from box. Shipping

FR Renegade Dasha- Nude

USA $250.00

Renegade Dasha- (nude) and preowned. Hair redone (as shown). No cuts or trims. Eyelashes intact and full. Re-bodied to a

FR Style Counsel leopard 2-piece

USA $90.00

SOLD FR~Veronique Perrin & Adele Makeda Style Counsel Gift Set~ (Jet Set Convention) This is for the leopard 2-piece dress

Nude Flight Pattern Kyori

USA $130.00

Nude, unplayed with Kyori with hair in original set. Tight individual curls! Ears have never been pricked. Great eyelashes. FREE